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Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited

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 Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited was a major producer of phosphoric acid, technical and foodgrade phosphates and polyphosphates, as well as a comprehensive range of surfactants, detergent raw materials and concrete additives.  These products find application in such industry groups as personal care, detergents, food processing, metal finishing, paper, shampoos, mining and mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, crop care, building and water treatment.

Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited has two operational sites in Australia:  the Phosphates range of products is manufactured at Yarraville (Victoria) and the Surfactants range at Wetherill Park (NSW).  Sales, marketing and local warehousing facilities are situated in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Albright & Wilson New Zealand Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, operates as a trading office from Auckland and provides warehousing facilities in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.


 Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited was established in 1939 and the manufacture of phosphates commenced at Yarraville the following year.  The manufacture of surfactants commenced at Yarraville in 1958 but was transferred to Box Hill in 1966. Following the 1997 purchase of land at Wetherill Park, manufacture of surfactants commenced in Sydney and by 1989, all surfactant production had relocated to Wetherill Park.  

 For over 50 years, the major shareholder was Albright & Wilson Limited (UK), with the balance of shares being held by Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia & New Zealand Limited.  Following ICI’s divestment of its shares in 1990, the shareholding changed several times and since 2003, the company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.






Mono- and di-ammonium phosphates           Sodium and ammonium lauryl sulphates

Mono- and di-calcium phosphates                    Mono-, di- and tri- ethanalamine lauryl

Mono- and di-sodium phosphates                     sulphates

Mono- and di-potassium phosphates               Sodium lauryl di- and triethoxy sulphates

Phosphoric acid                                                    Cocodimethyl betaines

Phosphorous acid                                             Cocoamido propyl betaines

Hypophosphorous acid                                     Cocodimethyl amine oxide

Polyphosphoric acids                                        Coconut mono- and di-ethanalamides

Phosphorus oxychloride                                    Sodium and ammonium alkyl ethoxy

Sodium and potassium tripolyphosphates           sulphates

Sodium acid pyrophosphate                                 Isopropyl amine alkyl benzene sulphonate

Sodium aluminum pyrophosphate                      Alkyl benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride

Sodium hexametaphosphate                              Sodium alkyl phenoxypolyoxy ethylene 

Potassium metaphosphate                                 sulphates

Sodium monofluorophosphate                           Alkyl benzene sulphonic acid    

Tetrasodium and tetrapotassium                        Sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate

pyrophosphates                                                    Naphthalene sulphonates          

Trisodium and tricalcium phosphate                  Xylene and cumene sulphonates           

Aluminium orthophosphate                                  Quaternary Ammonium Compounds 

Acid aerator blends                                         

Baking powders                                              

Food blends for fish, prawns, meat

Chemical fire retardants


National Customer Service Centre  Freecall 1800 814 730

                                                                        Freefax 1800 814 740 


         The National Customer Service Centre serves all customers in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.  

        Customers in Western Australia should contact the sales office in Perth (08) 9356 2277.

        Customers in NZ should contact the Auckland office on (09) 520 5915 or email

        All orders and enquiries from overseas customers should be directed to Richard Ascough on fax +61 3 - 9396 8786 or email


 Victoria                                                           Phone                          Fax

295 Whitehall Street (PO Box 20)                    (03) 9396 8777            (03) 9396 8788

Yarraville, Vic 3013

 New South Wales

21-22 Davis Road (PO Box 6787)                   (02) 9609 1000            (02) 9725 2219

Wetherill Park, NSW 2164


Highpoint Business Centre                                (07) 3808 5888            (07) 3808 5888

3374 Pacific Highway (PO Box 776)

Springwood, Qld 4127

 Western Australia

105 Sheffield Road                                           (08) 9356 2277            (08) 9356 2278

Welshpool, WA 6106

New Zealand

Albright & Wilson New Zealand Limited           (09) 520 5915              (09) 520 6301

118 Carlton Gore Road

Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand


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