BASF Australia


BASF has closed its expanded styrene foam (Styropor) business in 1995 and purchased the latex emulsion business of Huntman to produce styrene butadiene (styronal carboxylated styrene butadiene) dispersions for backing of carpets and paper coating applications. (The styrene is purchased from Huntman, or imported, and the butadiene from Kemcor).

BASF also produces acrylic dispersions from imported acrylic esters in competition with Rohm and Haas. The acrylic emulsions are sold to paint and adhesive manufacturers.

Dispersion agents are also produced used to prevent pigment settling out in paints, stabilising slurries in mining operations and the prevention of scale build up in water cooling and heating processes.

Since 1993, BASF produces colourant dispersions for use in paints and textile printing.

Note dispersions. Dispersions are also referred to as synthetic latex or aqueous polymers, and are produced from monomers (acrylic and styrene butadiene) which are emulsified in water, polymerised to form the dispersion of fine polymer particles. These can be used to contain pigments in paints, coatings and in adhesives.

At Noble Park Victoria, BASF also operates a plastics compounding plant since 1982 blending plastic polymers with pigments, fillers and other additives. There is also a colourant masterbatch operation.