Caustic soda


Caustic soda is an inorganic chemical with composition of 50% w/w sodium hydroxide in solution.

It is used in chemical manufacturing to produce a broad range of other inorganic chemicals and in general manufacturing, mineral processing and water treatment.


The main market for caustic soda is the production of alumina at 1,200,000 tonnes per year.

Other markets for caustic soda include: the chlorination (sterilisation) of domestic water and waste, the production of other domestic market products at 145,000 tonnes per year, and; the production of sodium cyanide at 90,000 tonnes per year.


Imports were 1,200,000 tonnes in tba.


Exports were 0 tonnes in 2019.


It is produced via the electrolysis of brine. This process produces chlorine as its key-product and caustic soda as its by-product.

It is also produced via the reaction of natural deposits of soda ash with lime.


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Production was 250,000 tonnes in tba.


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