Growth by exploiting opportunities - 1994

Starting with making copper sulfate from scrap copper, Gordon Martin, Managing Director of Coogee Chemicals, has taken his company to a leading WA chemical manufacturer with a turnover of more than $80 million.

Speaking at the first of the CIP breakfast seminars, Mr Martin showed the merits of his strategy to extend current operations by progressive diversification. With primacy to niche products, being opportunistic (such as second-hand equipment, and finding an application for spent catalysts as a fertiliser supplement), with market awareness and technical efficiency, but always looking at having at least one edge. The company has clearly shown the merits of its strategy.

Apart from producing a range of inorganic chemicals using locally available raw materials It now manufactures natural B-carotene (Western Biotechnology), operates major import and transport facilities with 35 road tankers in use and joint venture manufactures sodium cyanide and chlor-alkali.

In contrast to others, Mr Martin identified only one major impediment - the limited size of the Australian market. Indeed, Australia was seen as competitive In manufacturing and construction.

In keeping with his open presentation, a number of tips for success were provided.

No projects have been developed by Coogee by initially pursuing a systematic research of literature and data. Networking, attending meetings and conferences have been very important to pursuing investments.

Asian markets were growing but entry was not easy requiring an understanding of culture.

An enlightening presentation from a go-ahead company.

The company today (1997) has extended to manufacturing ammonium chloride, and sodium ethyl xanthate will soon be produced.

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