CIP Golf Cup
Lake Karrinyup Country Club
15 May 1998

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By Richard Cooper
Chairman ACSPA (W.A.)
The Inaugural CIP Golf Cup was held on Friday 15th May at Lake Karrinyup Country Club.

What a great course. Not surprising it's rated in the top 10 in Australia. Perfect weather. Some fine golf played by a few with a lot of us sort of enjoying the walk ….for 17 holes anyway. If the 18th was in Victoria it'd be called Mt Buller and we'd be skiing on it.

Late afternoon and a few drinks in the delightful courtyard were welcome after all that golf / walking. Then into the impressive clubhouse for dinner. Remco gave a speech - a brief overview of the chemical industry but SCT's Derek Murtha was distracted. He was writing large numbers like $1.2M on the back of some one's business card. (see secret auction below).

Before announcing the winners I suggested some fines could be paid by golfers guilty of indiscretions such as a `Volkswagon' (4 putts i.e. putt,putt, putt, putt) or a `Hitler' (2 shots in a bunker) or even a `helicopter' (throwing a club). But when a Vic Morrow was mentioned (hitting someone with a helicopter) that was considered inappropriate, the whole idea abandoned, the proposer banished and Remco gave another speech.

Heading the list of good golfers was Tim Lau of Tiwest (a sponsor). Apparently Tim now has to build a new trophy room at home. We'll be checking to see if the Kwinana GC handicapper has a three letter name or trades in white powder.

Tim Lau receiving the cup from ACSPA's Chairman Richard Cooper

Next was Marcus Ledsham, son and heir of the inimitable (means he can't be imitted?) Geoffrey. Playing with dad on the 18th Marcus thought he might inherit Calmarc Chemicals sooner rather than later.

Peter O'Shaughnessy of Millennium Inorganic was rewarded for making the trip from Bunbury with third place and a promise to try and spell his name correctly.

Fourth place went to another sponsor, Lindsay Quann of the splendid Karriview Lodge near Gracetown. Lindsay was in good shape to win after 9 holes but got worn down by some exceptionally ordinary golf by his playing partners. Lindsay also whacked the longest drive.

With good support from sponsors we were able to have trophies on each of the par 3's. Van Leer's Paul Sampson knocked a ball on the tricky downhill 12th to a mere 170 cms. Paul had already won the 8th hole so we gave the 12th to Albert Vinciguerra of Maxwell Chemicals (sponsor). Albert actually wrote 1.2 cms on the nearest the pin card…. an unbelievably precise measurement for a supplier in the chemical industry but we knew he meant 1.2m…..close enough. After dinner Albert under almost no pressure graciously dispensed the Glenfiddich among his friends and persecutors alike. Other par3 winners were Champion's Steve Davis and Peter Jennings of Toussaint & Richardson.

A most valuable item was donated by Mike Allenby (being presented in the photo by Mike to Remco) and Steve Wright from the WACA….. a cricket bat signed by all players from the last one day series in Australia between South Africa, NZ and Australia. The bat worth potentially a few thousand dollars was secretly auctioned with the successful bidder being Rob Boyle from Able Westchem..Rob didn't know he'd been successful for a day or so afterwards. Now that's a secret auction! ( John Colvin of Champion Chemtech was relieved we didn't insist on the $1.2M bid put in on his behalf…. we reckoned that Champion Chemtech as the major sponsor had already done their bit and we'd like them back next year.)

Notice how surreptitiously the sponsors names have been slipped in? Well I've runout of pretexts….the rest of them didn't distinguish themselves one way or the other so just a straight up thank you to Applied Chemicals (John Power), APS Chemicals (Trevor Osgerby), BASF (Grant McManus), Shedden Uhde (Stuart Kamper), BP Chemicals (Bernie Rodda) and ACSPA.

The lovely Nina from KarriView Lodge presented Applied'sColleen Rietschel with the weekend for 2…. that made the long walk worthwhile Colleen didn't it ? Remco gave another speech some of us enjoyed Albert's generosity and others took their trophies and went home.

Finally what about Mr.CIP, Remco Van Santen? Can't be too many people who organise and underwrite golf days who don't play golf but that's Remco….he's the Hamelin Bay of the chemical industry (without pier) and has probably done more than any other individual to inform , educate, promote, lobby and just talk about the chemical industry …. stopping him is another thing but we're working on that !!

Now that we've seen the whopping great CIP cup we'll all measure up our trophy rooms to see if it'll fit next year. Thanks for the initiative Remco.
Richard Cooper - Albright & Wilson (another sponsor!)