CIP Conference - 25 March 1998 - Direct Reduced Iron

Hyatt Regency Perth WA

Mr Ian McMaster
Group General Manager & Senior Vice President
BHP Hot Briquetted Iron

A perspective of the project's competitiveness with other regions.
BHP's investment in Venezuela in Orinoco Iron with description of the Fior plant and Finmet process. The process has:
bulletthe ability to use low cost iron ore fines;
bulletimproved energy consumption;
bulletlower production cost;
bullethigher quality product than if pellets are used;
bulletproven for all types of steelmaking.
The Port Handland site was described using the Finmet process.

Details of world supply status for DRI through 2005 with possible oversupply of DRI.

HBI placed in perspective.
HBI value between 87 and 107 per cent of value of No. 1 Bundles excluding specific user benefits. HBI however is a complement and not a substitute for scrap.

Profile of EAF.
From 1996 to 2005, EAF production anticipated to grow by 93 million tonnes. Profile provided showing regions, notably Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. North Americal projected to represent 20.4 million tonnes of this growth. Between one-fifth and one-quarter of production being for flat steel increasing from zero in 1985.

Demand and supply profiles provided. Capacity by region.

Merchant HBI is purchased because it enables the use of low-grade scrap as a complement.


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Remco Van Santen
Remco Van Santen, Director ACTED provided details of the relevance of DRI to the iron industry, the growth, world developments and outlook and perspectives on the economics of DRI and the electric arc furnace industry. Key issues described included
bulletchemistry of DRI.
bulletwhile the world steel industry was growing only slowly now, there are big shifts occuring. Open hearth furnaces were being phased out and with it a decline in pig iron, electric arc furnaces growing to represent one-half of world production.
bulleteconomics of DRI including the production of fines and use of gas
bulletDRI was a complement to scrap steel and not a substitute.
bulletDRI starters in Western Australia
bulletworld over-capacity is probable
bulletnew technology that can use low grade fines and coal (direct smelt).
bulletimmediate future for DRI incl. as complement to direct smelt.
The full 13 page report.
A composite of the overheads used and included in the report.

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