See also address by Gordon Martin, current chairman. (Owns 82 per cent of Coogee Chemicals Pty Ltd through Chemco Pty Ltd).

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Coogee Chemicals was established in 1970 in Rockingham to produce copper sulfate. It has become a manufacturer of largely inorganic chemicals and is a tank terminal operator (including sulfuric acid and imported petroleum fuels).

As a joint venturer is manufactures sodium cyanide (AGR) and chloralkali (Nufarm-Coogee).

It is a fast growing entrepreneurial company that is prepared to develop its own technology (developing xanthate technology in response to "excessive licensing costs") and exploiting opportunities to reduce costs (buying up surplus storage tanks). 

Products produced include: bullet aluminium sulfate (for water treatment), copper sulfate (for timber, mining and stock feed), bulletferrous sulfate monohydrate (for animal feed), bulletferrous sulfate heptahydrate (for fertiliser), bullet sodium aluminate (for titanium dioxide production), bullet ammoninium chloride (for titanium dioxide production) and xanthates. bulletsodium and potassium silicates bullet xanthates bulletmethanol bulletcopper sulfate at Kwinana WA and Mt Isa Qld. The Mt Isa site uses some recently developed metallurgy with a fast eamine leach. The energy efficient process produces an intermediate tri-basic copper sulfate that simplifies the crystallisation step.  

Coogee also manufactures:

bulletSulfate chemicals with interests in:
bulletBHP's Queensland Cannington mine producing sulfates of copper, aluminium and zinc (used in recovery of lead, zinc and silver). bulletA Malaysian plant (joint venture with Tioxide (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as Pacific Iron Products Sdn Bhd) to produce ferrous sulfate adjoining their partner's titanium dioxide plant. bullet Copper oxide (1000 tpa capacity) and copper oxychloride (1000 tpa capacity for use as fungicide) in Malaysia (by-product of electronics industry from copper etching process).

In 1998/99 it had a turnover of A$65 million, having increased 14 per cent over the previous year, employed 140 personnel having increased by 12 per cent.

During 2000, Coogee will acquire the methanol business of BHP in Victoria as a JV with the Australian Submarine Corporation. It has purchased a gas/condensate field.


Coogee Chemicals
PO Box 5051
Rockingham Beach
Western Australia 6969
Phone 61 8 9439 8205
Fax 61 8 9439 8305

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