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Originally we were motivated to develop this resource as Australia's chemical synthesis industry was shaped by policies that promoted activities in which it often then had little comparative advantage. Just read for example the history of protectionism in Australia. (should it be entitled "Regional politics versus the national interest"?). This era promoted much biased information (we have an interesting library of statements, publications and references with projections that stand in contrast with today's status and growth [even today]). We let readers draw their own conclusions in the section on performance. The graph alongside shows the industry's decline in importance to Australia's economy. The area above the arrow represents a combination of high cost activities and, sometimes, of over-extended margins. 


For those interested in the history, see our section on the history of Australia's chemical industry (for policy analysts import tariffs). Some of the stories are fascinating and those with a bit of time should read the development and demise of CSR Chemicals or the fascinating development of Timbrol. Another is the development and later support for two petrochemical complexes that divided the Australian market precluding international competitiveness motivated by expeditious regional interests - a common outcome of Australia's system of government. The distortion of a core of Australia's chemical industry during our former protectionist era should be vitally important to policy makers.

The exciting future, but.....

We have a vision for Australia, and that requires objective information. While our industry is improving, the legacies remain serving to haunt priorities and those that speak. We felt the Point Lillias (Coode Island) debate is a good example of misunderstanding by the public unaddressed by the inquiry process - little was achieved for the tens of millions of dollars it cost in public and private outlays.

We wonder about government moneys. Read more in the opinion section.

Someone wrote to us saying the federal government is "promoting a MacDonald's chemical industry" with it Action Agenda on Chemicals. The industry's future is being undermined by government's ..... well let's call it lack of skills. Politics is a pre-eminent driver. Australia prides itself on political stability - so it should with 13 levels of government for a population less than 20 million so regional interests undermines the national interest. 

Not to dwell on the negative, there are today many developments in Australia. One only has to see the changes occurring with ICI Australia as Orica and its joint venture with is competitor Kemcor as Qenos.


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