HydroMet specialises in the processing of metal bearing residues to create value added products, and has production and waste treatment facilities at Wollongong and Newcastle in NSW, and operates an onsite plant at Pasminco's smelter near Hobart, Tasmania.

Processes developed and applied commercially by HydroMet include production of zinc sulphate, cobalt sulphate, manganese sulphate, copper sulphate, nickel sulphate and selenium from smelter waste; arsenic trioxide from chemical manufacture waste; and lead nitrate from lead garnet and smelter wastes.

It has also trialled a precious metals recovery process to recover gold and silver from smelter waste and the production of high grade selenium.

It has approval from the NSW EPA for its Lead Residue Immobilisation Process. This will allow it to treat and dispose of a 19,000 tonne stockpile of lead over the two years, generating a sustainable revenue stream for the Company. The HydoMet technology immobilises lead bearing residues, effectively guarantees the long term stability of the treated material in landfill storage. This technology was not previously available either in Australia or internationally, and the company is now looking to extend its processing to other complex industrial heavy metal residues stockpiled both in Australia and overseas.

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