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Principal activity

Able Westchem

Toll Blender & Contract Manufacturer

Aventis CropScience Pty Ltd

Formulation of active ingredients as herbicides & insecticides

Australian Fused Materials

Manufacture of electrofused minerals - white fused alumina, fused zirconia,silica fume.

Agar Chemicals Pty Ltd

Manufacture of cleaning chemicals. Include water-based acrylic floor sealers, disinfectants, detergents and cleaning powders.

Albright & Wilson (Australia) Limited

Manufacture of sodium phosphates.

Alcoa World Alumina

Manufacture of hydrated alumina

Ameron Coatings

Outlet for specialist surface coatings manufactured in other states

Atofina Australia Pty Ltd

Distribution of petrochemicals, fine chemicals and intermediates for industries.

Betz Dearborn Australia

Supplier of process & water treatment chemicals for industry and resource activities.

Bituminous Products Pty Ltd

Manufacture of bituminous rubbers, joint sealants, industrial bitumens, amine adhesion agents for building and road industry.

Bondall Marketing

Manufacturer of concrete additives, adhesives, coatings, waterproofing, varnishes.

Campbell Beta Chemicals

Formulation of cleaners & disinfectants for commercial, domestic & industrial markets

Campbell Brothers Limited

Manufacture of surfactants, disinfectants.


Manufacturer cleaning & disinfectant chemicals for domestic, industrial and commercial sector including food processing.

Causmag International

Manufacturer of magnesium oxide

Auschem Process Chemicals WA

Laundry market chemicals

Challenge Chemicals (WA)

Formulation of detergent & cleaning chemicals for commercial, industrial and hospitality. Toll manufacturers

Iron Chemicals

Manufacture of water treatment chemicals; aluminium sulfate; ferric sultate

Champion Technologies Australia

Supplier of formulated products including descalers, water treatment, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and bactericides.

Chemiplas Australia Pty Ltd

Distribution of chemicals and plastics raw materials

Gold Leaf Enterprises

Broad range of formulated products for automotive (eg. fuel additives, antiwear, corrosion inhibitors), seed dressing, emulsifiers, household cleaners.

Chemson Pacific Pty Ltd

Manufacture of PVC stabiliser chemicals.

Chem-Supply Pty Ltd

Laboratory reagents, acid solutions, phosphate solutions, glass batch buffers.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals

Synthesis of acrylic based polymers as flocculants & viscosity improvers as processing aids in resource industries.

Clariant (Australia) Pty Ltd

Marketing/distribution of dyestuffs & auxilliaries for textile and paper industries

Coates Australia

Formulation of inks

Cognis Australia Pty Ltd

Manufacture defoamers, surfactants, emollients, alkanolamides, etc. for personal, household, nutritional care, agricultural , coatings, plastics, textiles, mining and related manufacturing industries.

Coogee Chemicals

Manufacturer of commodity chemicals; xanthates, aluminium sulfate, copper sulfate, ammonium chloride & methanol

Cooke Aromatics

Ingredient chemicals for food, beverage, cosmetic, flavour and fragrance industries.

Crop Care Australasia

Manufacture by formulation of pesticide (mainly herbicide) products for rural sector.

Crown Scientific Pty Ltd

Distribution of scientific and chemical products.

Wesfarmers CSBP

Synthesis of fertilisers, ammonia, ammomium nitrate explosives, chloralkali chemicals, sodium cyanide

David Gray & Co.

Manufacture by formulation of pesticides  and fertilisers for domestic sector.

Deltrex Chemicals

Distribution/repackaging/belnding of industrial chemicals, solvents and food additives.

Dyno Industries

Synthesis of urea and melamine formaldehyde resins for partical board

Elite Chemicals Pty Ltd

Manufacture of chloralkali chemicals & detergents

Cameleon Paints

Manufacture of paints (all sectors, not marine).

ERS Spray Booth Supplies

Supply of water treatment products & filters for spray booth industry

Fernz Specialty Chemicals

Importation/distribution of chemical raw materials.

Felton Grimwade & Bickford

Manufacture & marketing of OTC pharmaceuticals, herbal and nutritional supplements. Manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Gecko Special Coatings

Industrial surface coatings

Henkel Adhesives

Manufacture of adhesives (PVA, EVA, solvent-based, starch-based)

Huntsman Chemical Co Australia

Styrene, polystyrene, unsaturated polyesters, phenol.

ISP (Australasia) Pty Ltd

Manufacture of chemical raw materials for personal care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage & ag solvents.

Jostek Industrial

Blender of industrial chemicals incl. descalers, water treatment, process chemicals for resource activities.

Joyce Rural

Formulation of herbicides & pesticides for sale to agricultural sector using active ingredients

Kendon Chemicals & Manufacturing

Manufacture by formulation of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and fertilisers.

Tiwest Joint Venture

Titanium dioxide pigment

Klen (WA)

Formulation of specialty chleaners & sanitisers for the food&beverage processing industries.

Klen International

Formulation. Cleaners, disinfectants, personal care, fertilisers, pool chemicals, assay flux.

MCM Chemical Toll manufacturing, contract processing and packaging.

Millennium Inorganic Chemicals

Manufacture of titanium dioxide pigment.

Millennium Performance Chemicals

Zirconium/zirconia chemicals

Monsanto Australia

Manufacture of glyphosate fertilisers.

Australian Sandlewood Oil Co.

Manufacture of essential oils, notably sandlewood

Mt Romance

Extraction of sandalwood essential oil

Nufarm Limited

Synthesis of 2,4D herbicide, trifluralin & formulation of pesticide chemicals for agricultural sector.

Orion Laboratories

Formulation of products for hospitals incl. cleaners, disinfectants, creams, mouthwashes.


Formulation domestic products inc. insecticides, laundry products; industrial products inc. cleaners, laundry.


Manufacture of paints (architectural & industrial)

Pharmacia (Perth)

Manufacture of oncology (& some other) pharmaceuticals.

PQ Australia Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of liquid and solid sodium silicate, liquid potassium silicates, Q-cell hollow glass microspheres, seolites and absorptive silica gels

Recochem Inc

Specialty blender, trader and packer of industrial solvents, paint thinners, cleaning fluids and automotive chemicals

Rhodia Australia

Silicones and acrylic coatings

Rowe Scientific

Solutions for laboratories

C Rudduck Pty Ltd

Manufacture of natural pyrethrin insecticides & rodenticides.

Schenectady Australia Pty Ltd

Manufacture of polymers (phenolic, formaldehyde & urethane based) & paints (electrical insulating & specialised industrial).

Sericol Australia

Ink manufacture

SICPA Australia

Ink manufacture

Sigma Chemicals

Manufacture of fluxes (assay & X-ray), small volume solutions.

Simcoa Operations

Manufacture of silicon metal, silica flume.

Industrial Cleansers Pty Ltd

Manufacture of detergents, disinfectants, laundry products, commercial cleaners, autocare products, corrosion inhibitors, fuel treatment additives, fertilisers.

Tasman Chemicals Pty Ltd

Hospitality, food service cleaning chemicals. Agricultural chemicalss. Floor sealers.

Townsend Chemicals Pty Ltd

Manufacture of polymeric plasticisers, thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester polyols for paint, plastic, rubber & adhesives.

Unimin Australia

Minerals (out of ground) milled to customer specifications. Inc. metal oxides for colourants, talc, clay, calcium carbonate, bentonite, barytes, dolomite & feldspar..

Wacker Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd

Sales & marketing for parent company.

Vanadium Australia

Synthesis of vanadium pentoxide