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Information sources in Australia

I read your overview pages. What other sources of industry information are available in Australia?


The State government agencies provide information on an ad hoc basis (follow the links on our pages). The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is a source of limited manufacturing data (such as employment, turnover etc by Anzsic groups (try catalogue 8202.0 with break downs by state).

PACIA's Performance Survey, published on an annual basis, has become rather vacuous of late with growing emphasis on prioritising opinions. Performance information, such as trade, profits etc. are no longer published and an appendix now includes the government's (ABS) surveys of the industry. There are however some interesting observations about R&D (only 1% of sales) and technological dependence.

By and large, information remains limited in Australia.     


Safety component slipping? I accessed your pages extensively over the past year and they have been invaluable. More recently you appear to put more effort on industry than safety-related matters.

L A Australia (Feb 1998)

Priorities We monitor site visits and respond to the relative interest. Yes, we are putting more effort into industry and market information in response.

That said, we are sorry that is happening in a way as economics, and safety and the environment are increasingly inter related. One only has to look at the shortcomings of the Coode Island/Point Lillias storage review.

We may comment on some other matters later.

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