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Site Quality

Again - keep up the good work. Some of your commentaries are really first class  Eg the analysis of the ICI Botany site - a matter I know about as I worked there for many years.


Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic web site!! The benefits to Australia by having such a well researched, designed and linked site are probably incalculable. In addition, your insights into the history and future of the Australian chemical industry and the issues facing it are profound.


I am most impressed by the "acted" site. I am shortly presenting an introductory talk to potential chemical engineers and am looking for something positive to say about the future of the chemical industry in Australia. With chemical manufacturing apblankly shrinking this is not so easy. I am beginning to think that our graduates are more destined for general business rather than work on or design of chemical plant. Be this as it may I am impressed by the research that you have put in and commend your efforts.

Many thanks for a most useful site.

WD Australia (Feb 1998) 


"I think your site is one of the best constructed and most informative on the net. I have found your site to be a valuable resource. Thus far all the facts that I have read on your pages that I have confirmed with external sources, have been correct. I reckon you have the broadest site on the World Wide Web about chemicals. Congratulations!"

Mr K Australia 

And another  

As a year 10 student in Melbourne, I cannot thank you enough for the information supplied in your website and in particular, the section for students. This information was of great use to me when I was completing my study of Australia's chemical industry and was easily accessible. The information was well organised, clear and pitched at a level where anybody could understand it.

Thanking you,


Well I have spent many hours on the internet just wanting to find out how ethane is used at the Kemcor complex for my year 11 chemistry assignment and when I finally think that I have found what I am after it says I have to pay!!
How Annoying

(My reply was that we need to recover our costs) 

Thank you!


Material Safety Data Sheets "Have you any views on the MSDS in Australia? The quality is variable, the quantity growing and why should we have a dozen MSDS from different suppliers for the same product?".

BM Australia

MSDS - scope for rationalisation In Europe they tend to use the label as the communication tool. In some more litigious countries, the MSDS is becoming a legal document and losing its practical intent for a workplace document. I believe the MSDS should be consolidated to standardised detail for each commodity (there are mechanisms to achieve this) and for a summary MSDS.

Watch this space for a new development!

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