Oxalic acid


Oxalic acid is an organic compound with the formula C2H2O4.


It has been used by Vanadium Australia for the production of vanadium concentrate.

It has been used by Ashton Mining for the production of cerium concentrate.

It has been used for the bleaching of paper pulp.


Vanadium Australia has demand of 50 000 tonnes per year.

Ashton Mining has demand of 550 tonnes per year at its proposed Mt Weld rare earth minerals development (deferred).


The world price has declined from about AU$1600 to about AU$600.



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It is produced in substantial amounts by alumina producers, as a by-product of processing bauxite.

However, for the alumina producers, oxalate represents a loss of caustic soda. It is presently cheaper for the alumina producers to recover the caustic soda than to recover the oxalic acid.

Combined, Alcoa's Western Australian alumina operations and Worsley Alumina's alumina operations represent the disposal or destruction of some 27 000 tonnes per year.

Alcoa's Kwinana plant produces some 6 000 tonnes per year


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Raw Materials

Alcoa's Western Australian alumina operations produces about 30 000 tonnes of crude sodium oxalate per year for disposal or destruction.

Alcoa could supply sodium oxalate for the value of caustic soda less the costs of its recovery.