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Product by Company

Product name Company name
'Coptrol' Ruth Consolidated Industries
1,2 dihydroxy ethane Orica
1,2 epoxyethane Orica
2,2 ethylene dioxydiethanol Orica
2,4-D Nufarm Limited
2-ethyl hexyl stearate Henkel Aust
ABS and SAN polymer latex emulsions Dow Chemical Australia
ABS resins Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
acetaldehyde Orica
acetic acid Orica
acetic anhydride Orica
acetin Symex Holdings Australia
acetone Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
acrylic resins Ashland Pacific
activated carbon Char Processors
alcohol ethoxylate Huntsman Corporation Australia
alcohol ethoxylate, phosphated Henkel Aust
alcohol ethoxylate, phosphated Orica
alkanolamides APS Chemicals
alkoxylated alcohol Orica
alkoxylated fatty acid Orica
alkyl benzene sulfate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride APS Chemicals
alkyl ether phosphate Henkel Aust
alkyl ether phosphate Orica
alkyl phenol Orica
alkyl polysaccharide Orica
alkyl trimethyl ammonium bromide Orica
alkyl trimethyl ammonium chloride APS Chemicals
alkylene oxide Orica
alum (liquid) Aluminates Chemical Industries
alumina calcined (tabular) Alcoa of Australia
aluminium chlorhydrate Hardman Australia
aluminium chloride (solution_ Ferro Corporation
aluminium hydroxide gel Hardman Australia
aluminium hydroxide gel APS Chemicals
aluminium stearate APS Chemicals
aluminium sulfate Akzo Chemicals
aluminium sulfate Coogee Chemicals
aluminium sulfate APS Chemicals
aluminium sulfate (aqueous) Omega Chemicals
aluminium sulfate (liquid) Aluminates Chemical Industries
aluminium sulfate (solution) Ferro Corporation
aluminiun chloride Hardman Australia
amino ethyl ethanolamine APS Chemicals
ammonia Wesfarmers CSBP
ammonia Incitec
ammonia WMC Fertilizers
ammonia aqua Orica
ammonium bisulfite (solution) Ferro Corporation
ammonium chloride Hanwha Advanced Ceramics
ammonium chloride (25 soln) Coogee Chemicals
ammonium nitrate Wesfarmers CSBP
ammonium nitrate Orica
ammonium stearate Henkel Aust
ammonium sulfate Western Mining Corporation
ammonium sulfate Incitec
ammonium thiosulfate (solution) Ferro Corporation
amyl acetate Orica
amyl salicylate International Flavours & Fragrances
antifoams Chemical Corp (Aust)
aodium naphthalene sulfonate Henkel Aust
arsenic acid Koppers-Hickson Timber Protection Australia
aryl sulfonate APS Chemicals
barium chromate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
barium octoate Colours & Chemicals
barium stearate Commercial Minerals
benzalkonium chloride Orica
benzalkonium chloride APS Chemicals
benzene ethenyl polymer Kemcor Australia
benzene sulfonic acid APS Chemicals
benzoyl peroxide Laporte Organics
betacarotene (natural) Betatene
butadiene Kemcor Australia
butyl benzoate Henkel Aust
butyl diglycol acetate Orica
butyl glycol acetate Orica
butyl oleate Victorian Chemical Company
butyl oleate Symex Holdings Australia
butyl stearate Henkel Aust
butyl stearate Victorian Chemical Company
butyl stearate Symex Holdings Australia
bytyl oleate Henkel Aust
cadmium sulfate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
calcined alumina ACAP Australia
calcium chloride Akzo Chemicals
calcium chromate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
calcium dodecyl benzene sulfonate APS Chemicals
calcium fluoride Commercial Minerals
calcium hypochlorite Henkel Aust
calcium octoate Colours & Chemicals
calcium stearate Ferro Corporation
calcium stearate APS Chemicals
calcium sulfate Commercial Minerals
calcium/zinc stearate Ferro Corporation
calomel (mercurous chloride) Pasminco
canola diethanolamide Victorian Chemical Company
carbon activated APS Chemicals
carbon black Continental Carbon Aust
carbon black Cabot Australasia
carbon dioxide Wesfarmers CSBP
carbon dioxide Incitec
castor oil sulphonated Victorian Chemical Company
cerechlor Orica
cetyl ether Orica
cetyl stearyl stearate Henkel Aust
cetyl stearyl strearate Megachem
cetyl-oleyl alcohol ethoxylate Orica
chlorine Wesfarmers CSBP
chlorine Orica
citral International Flavours & Fragrances
citric acid ADM Australia
citric acid Bunge Bioproducts
cobalt octoate Colours & Chemicals
coconut amido propyl betaine Henkel Aust
coconut amido propyl dimethyl amine betaine Henkel Aust
coconut diethanolamide Megachem
coconut diethanolamide APS Chemicals
coconut diethanolamide Victorian Chemical Company
coconut diethanolamide Henkel Aust
copper acetate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper ammonium chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper carbonate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper carbonate Adchem (Australia)
copper chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper glycinate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper nitrate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper oxide (cupric oxide) Adchem (Australia)
copper pyrophosphate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
copper sulfate Pivot Fertilisers
copper sulfate Coogee Chemicals
copper sulfate pentahydrate Pasminco
copper thyocyanate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
cumene Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
d-limonene Chemical Refining Company
d-limonene G R Davis
d-limonene International Flavours & Fragrances
defoamers Rhone-Poulenc Chemicals
di isononanoyl peroxide Laporte Organics
di t-butyl peroxide Laporte Organics
di-2 ethyl hexyl adipate Orica
di-2 ethyl hexyl fumerate Orica
di-2 ethyl hexyl maleate Orica
di-2 ethyl hexyl phthalate Orica
di-2-ethyl hexyl stearate Henkel Aust
di-2-ethyl hexyl sulfosuccinate Henkel Aust
Diammonium phosphate fertiliser WMC Fertilizers
dibenzoyl peroxide Laporte Organics
dibutyl maleate Orica
dibutyl phthalate Orica
dicalcium phosphate Pivot Chemicals
dicetyl phthalate Megachem
diethyl phthalate Orica
diethylene glycol Orica
diethylene glycol monobutyl ether Orica
diethylene stearate Victorian Chemical Company
diglycol Orica
diisooctyl phthalate Orica
dimethyl ether CSR Distilleries Group
dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate Henkel Aust
dioctyl sulfosuccinate Henkel Aust
dipropylene glycol Dow Chemical Australia
dispersants Rhone-Poulenc Chemicals
distearyl phthalate Henkel Aust
Diuron Joyce Rural
dodecyl amine ethoxylates Orica
dodecyl phenol ethoxylates Orica
epoxy resin Australian Chemical Holdings
epoxy resins Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Epoxy resins Dow Chemical Australia
ethanediol Orica
ethanol CSR Distilleries Group
ethoxy ethyl acetate Orica
ethoxylated coconut monoethanolamide Orica
ethoxylated lanolin Australian Chemical Holdings
ethoxylated rosin acid Orica
ethoxylated tridecyl alcohol Orica
ethyl acetate Orica
ethyl butyrate International Flavours & Fragrances
ethyl castorate Megachem
ethyl cocoate Henkel Aust
ethyl cocoate Victorian Chemical Company
ethyl cocoate Megachem
ethyl esters Megachem
ethyl esters Victorian Chemical Company
ethyl formate Orica
ethyl glycol Orica
ethyl laurate Megachem
ethyl oleate Victorian Chemical Company
ethyl oleate Megachem
ethyl oleate Henkel Aust
ethyl ricinoleate Megachem
ethyl stearate Victorian Chemical Company
ethyl stearate Megachem
ethyl stearate Henkel Aust
ethylene Kemcor Australia
ethylene Orica
ethylene glycol Orica
ethylene glycol diacetate Orica
ethylene glycol distearate Megachem
ethylene glycol distearate APS Chemicals
ethylene glycol distearate Henkel Aust
ethylene glycol monoethyl ether Orica
ethylene glycol stearate Henkel Aust
ethylene oxide Orica
ethylene oxide Orica
eucalyptol (BPC/NF) Felton Grimwade & Bickford
eucalyptus oil (BP) Felton Grimwade & Bickford
Expanded polystyrene resins (EPS) Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
fatty acid alkoxylates Orica
fatty acid amides Symex Holdings Australia
fatty acid esters Henkel Aust
fatty acid esters Megachem
fatty acid ethoxylates Orica
fatty acids Symex Holdings Australia
fatty acids hydrogenated Symex Holdings Australia
fatty amine ethoxylates Orica
fatty esters Symex Holdings Australia
ferric chloride Orica
ferric stearate Ferro Corporation
ferric sulfate aqueous Deltrex Chemicals
ferric sulfate aqueous Iron Chemicals
ferric sulfate aqueous Omega Chemicals
ferric sulfate aqueous Orica
ferrous naphthanate Colours & Chemicals
ferrous sulfate (mono and heptahydrate) Coogee Chemicals
flocculants Henkel Aust
fluoboric acid (plating grade Kendon Chemicals & Manufacturing
fluosilicic acid Wesfarmers CSBP
fluosilicic acid Pivot Chemicals
fluosilicic acid Akzo Chemicals
formaldehyde Orica
formaldehyde Borden Australia
formaldehyde Borden Australia
formaldehyde (34% stabilised) Dyno Industries
glucona delta lactone ADM Australia
glycerol (glycerine) Symex Holdings Australia
glycerol (glycerine) Orica
glycerol alkoxylate Orica
glycerol monolaurate APS Chemicals
glycerol monooleate Megachem
glycerol monoricinoleate APS Chemicals
glycerol monostearate Henkel Aust
glycerol monostearate APS Chemicals
glycerol monostearate Croda Surfactants
glycerol trioleate Victorian Chemical Company
glycerol trioleate Symex Holdings Australia
glyceryl triricinoleate Henkel Aust
glycol ether Orica
glycol ether phosphated Orica
glyphosate Monsanto Australia
glyphosate Nufarm Limited
glyphosate (N- (phosphonomethyl)-glycine) Joyce Rural
hydrated alumina ACAP Australia
hydrocarbons Exxon Chemical Australia
hydrocarbons Shell Company of Australia
hydrochloric acid Wesfarmers CSBP
hydrochloric acid Tiwest Joint Venture
hydrochloric acid Akzo Chemicals
hydrochloric acid Nufarm Limited
hydrochloric acid Nufarm Coogee
hydrochloric acid Nufarm Coogee
hydrochloric acid Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
hydrochloric acid Orica
hydrofluoric acid Akzo Chemicals
hydrofluoric acid Kendon Chemicals & Manufacturing
hydrogen Wesfarmers CSBP
hydrogen peroxide Solvay Interox
imidazoline Bituminous Products
isobutyl acetate Orica
isobutyl oleate Henkel Aust
isobutyl stearate Henkel Aust
isooctyl stearate Symex Holdings Australia
isooctyl stearate Megachem
isopropyl myristate International Flavours & Fragrances
isopropylamine dodecyl benzene sulfonate APS Chemicals
l-lysine (& hydrochloride) ADM Australia
l-lysine (&hydrochlorides) ADM Australia
l-tryptophan ADM Australia
lactic acid ADM Australia
lanolin hydrous Megachem
laurates Symex Holdings Australia
lauric acid sorbitan ester Orica
lauric myristic diethanolamide Henkel Aust
lauryl alcohol ethoxylates Orica
lauryl dimethylamine oxide Orica
lauryl ether sulfate Henkel Aust
lauryl sulfate Henkel Aust
lead acetate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
lead chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
lead fluoborate Kendon Chemicals & Manufacturing
lead octoate Colours & Chemicals
lead rotate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
lead salicylate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
lead stearate Chemson Pacific
lead subacetate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
lead sulfate Chemson Pacific
lecithin ADM Australia
lime sulfur (calcium polysulfide) Balhan Industrial Company
linear alkyl benzene Shell Company of Australia
linear alkyl benzene sulfate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
linear alkyl benzene sulfonate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
Lithium carbonate Gwalia Consolidated
lithium stearate Ferro Corporation
magnesium carbonate Commercial Minerals
magnesium hydroxide gel Hardman Australia
magnesium oleate Victorian Chemical Company
magnesium oxide Causmag International
magnesium oxide (grades to 99%) Causmag International
magnesium silicate Commercial Minerals
magnesium stearate Ferro Corporation
magnesium sulfate Akzo Chemicals
manganese dioxide Australian Manganese Company
manganese dioxide Commercial Minerals
manganese octoate Colours & Chemicals
manganese sulfate Henkel Aust
manganese sulfate Coogee Chemicals
melamine formaldehyde Ciba Specialty Chemicals
melamine formaldehyde resin Borden Australia
melamine formaldehyde resin Orica
melamine urea formaldehyde resin Borden Australia
melamine urea formaldehyde resin Orica
mercuric chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
mercuric oxide Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
mercurous chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
mercury ammonium chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
metal salts Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
metham sodium Nufarm Limited
metham sodium Joyce Rural
methyl castorate Megachem
methyl cinnamate (natural) G R Davis
methyl cocoate Victorian Chemical Company
methyl cocoate Megachem
methyl cocoate Henkel Aust
methyl laurate Symex Holdings Australia
methyl laurate Megachem
methyl oleate Victorian Chemical Company
methyl oleate Symex Holdings Australia
methyl oleate Megachem
methyl oleate Henkel Aust
methyl propoxol Orica
methyl ricinoleate Henkel Aust
methyl ricinoleate Megachem
methyl salicylate International Flavours & Fragrances
methyl stearate Henkel Aust
methyl stearate Victorian Chemical Company
methyl stearate Megachem
methyl tallowate Megachem
methyl tallowate Henkel Aust
methyl tallowate Victorian Chemical Company
molybdenum disulfide Chemlube Company
mono calcium phosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
monoammonium phosphate WMC Fertilizers
monochlorophenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) Nufarm Limited
monochlorophenoxyacetic acid (MCPA) Nufarm Limited
monoethylene glycol Orica
monolauryl phosphate Megachem
monosodium phosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
myristyl myristate Megachem
nickel acetate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel carbonate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel chloride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel fluoride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel formate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel formate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nickel sulphamate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
nitric acid Orica
nitric acid Incitec
nitric acid Wesfarmers CSBP
nonyl phenol ethoxylate Orica
octa decylamine ethoxylate Orica
octyl phenol alkoxylate Orica
octyl phenol ethoxylate Orica
octyl stearate Megachem
oleic acid Symex Holdings Australia
oleic diethanolamide Henkel Aust
oleic diethanolamide Victorian Chemical Company
oleyl diethanolamide Victorian Chemical Company
oleyl ether Orica
oleyl imidazoline Victorian Chemical Company
oxalic acid Alcoa of Australia
oxirane Orica
pentaerythritol Henkel Aust
peracetic acid Solvay Interox
phenol Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
phenol formaldehyde & resin Orica
phenol formaldehyde & resin Borden Australia
phenol formaldehyde resins Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
phenol melamine urea formaldehyde Orica
phenol paraldehyde Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
phenol resin Borden Australia
phenolic resin Australian Chemical Holdings
phosphoric acid WMC Fertilizers
phosphoric acid Albright & Wilson (Aust)
phthalic anhydride Orica
polyacrylamide (powder) Ciba Specialty Chemicals
polyacrylamide flocculants Cytec Australia
polyacrylamide flocculants (Superfloc HxPAM) Cytec Australia
polyacrylamides Henkel Aust
polyacrylamides Allied Colloids (Australia)
polyacrylate (solutions & emulsions) Ciba Speciality Chemicals
polyacrylates Henkel Aust
polyalkaline glycol Orica
polyalkaline glycol ether Orica
polyaluminium chloride solution Hardman Australia
polyester resins (unsaturated) Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
polyethylene glycol Huntsman Corporation Australia
polyethylene glycol oleates Victorian Chemical Company
polyethylene glycol oleates Henkel Aust
polyethylene resin LDPE Orica
polyethylene resin LLDPE Orica
polyethylene resins Kemcor Australia
polyglycerol oleate APS Chemicals
polyglycol ether, nonionic Orica
polyoxyethylene glycol esters and ethers Orica
polyoxypropylene glycol esters and ethers Orica
polypropylene Basell Australia
polypropylene Orica
polypropylene resin Orica
polypropylene resin Basell Australia
polystyrene resin Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
polystyrene resins (and EPS) Dow Chemical Australia
polyvinyl chloride resin Australian Vinyls Corporation
polyvinylchloride resin Orica
potassium aluminosilicate Commercial Minerals
potassium cocoate Megachem
potassium laurate Victorian Chemical Company
potassium laurate Megachem
potassium oleate Henkel Aust
potassium oleate Victorian Chemical Company
potassium silicate PQ Australia
potassium sulfite (solution) Ferro Corporation
potassium toluene sulfonate APS Chemicals
propyl acetate Orica
propylene Orica
propylene Kemcor Australia
propylene glycol ethers & esters (inc fatty acids) Orica
propylene glycol oleates Victorian Chemical Company
propylene glycol oleates Symex Holdings Australia
propylene oxide polyols Dow Chemical Australia
quaternary ammonium compounds Albright & Wilson (Aust)
resorcinol formaldehyde Borden Australia
salt Dampier Salt
salt (sodium chloride) Dampier Salt
SAN resins Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
selenium Pasminco
silica colloidal Cabot Australasia
silica fume Simcoa Operations
silicon Simcoa Operations
soda ash (light and dense) Penrice Soda Products
sodium acid pyrophosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium alkoxy ethylene sulfates Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium alkyl ethoxysulfate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium aluminate Coogee Chemicals
sodium aluminate (liquid/solid) Aluminates Chemical Industries
sodium bicarbonate Penrice Soda Products
sodium bisulfite (liquid) Aluminates Chemical Industries
sodium carbonate Penrice Soda Products
sodium carbonate monohydrate Penrice Soda Products
sodium citrate ADM Australia
sodium cyanide Ticor Chemical Company
sodium cyanide Australian Gold Reagents
sodium cyanide Wesfarmers CSBP
sodium cyanide Orica
sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate APS Chemicals
sodium gluconate ADM Australia
sodium hexametaphosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium hydroxide Orica
sodium hydroxide Colgate-Palmolive
sodium hydroxide Orica
sodium hydroxide Nufarm Limited
sodium hydroxide Nufarm Coogee
sodium hydroxide Nufarm Coogee
sodium hydroxide Wesfarmers CSBP
sodium hypochlorite Kiwi Brands
sodium hypochlorite Orica
sodium lauryl sulfate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium lauryl triethoxy sulfate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium perborate (tetra & monohydrate) Solvay Interox
sodium phosphate monobasic Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium polyacrylate Henkel Aust
sodium selenite Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
sodium silicate PQ Australia
sodium silicate (liquid) Aluminates Chemical Industries
sodium silicate liquid Coogee Chemicals
sodium silicates PQ Australia
sodium stearate Ferro Corporation
sodium stearate (soap) Colgate-Palmolive
sodium tallowate Campbell Brothers
sodium tripolyphosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
sodium xylene sulfonate APS Chemicals
sorbitan esters APS Chemicals
sorbitan esters, ethoxylates (inc fatty acids) Orica
specialty chemicals Ajax Chemicals (Australia)
squalane ITL Australia
squalene ITL Australia
stearalkonium chloride APS Chemicals
stearic acid Symex Holdings Australia
stearyl ethers Orica
stearyl stearate Henkel Aust
stearyl stearate Megachem
strontium chromate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
styrene Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
sulfated nonylphenol ethoxylate Victorian Chemical Company
sulfonated oleates Victorian Chemical Company
sulfonated rapeseed oil Victorian Chemical Company
sulfonated tallow Victorian Chemical Company
sulfosuccinate Henkel Aust
sulfosuccinate APS Chemicals
sulfuric acid Western Mining Corporation
sulfuric acid Western Mining Corporation
sulfuric acid Pasminco
sulfuric acid Incitec
surfactants Orica
surfactants Chemlube Company
surfactants Croda Surfactants
synthetic resins for paints and foundries Ashland Pacific
synthetic rubbers Kemcor Australia
t-butyl per 2 ethyl hexanoate Laporte Organics
t-butyl perbenzoate Laporte Organics
t-butyl perisononanoate Laporte Organics
t-butyl peroctoate Laporte Organics
tallow Symex Holdings Australia
tetra sod./pot. pyrophosphate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
titanium dioxide Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
titanium dioxide Tiwest Joint Venture
toluene sulfonate APS Chemicals
trace elements Coogee Chemicals
tri-iso-octyl trimellitate Orica
tri-n-butyl phosphate Megachem
tribasic lead sulfate Chemson Pacific
tridecyl stearate Henkel Aust
tridecyl alcohol & ether Orica
triethanolamine lauryl sulfonate Albright & Wilson (Aust)
triethylene glycol Orica
triethylene glycol distearate Henkel Aust
trifluralin Nufarm Limited
triglycol Orica
urea Incitec
urea formaldehyde Orica
urea formaldehyde Borden Australia
vinyl esters (unsaturated) Huntsman Chemical Company Australia
viscosity modifiers Henkel Aust
water based acrylic emulsions Rohm & Haas Australia
xanthates Coogee Chemicals
zinc acetate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc ammonium chloride solution Hardman Australia
zinc borate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc carbonate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc chloride solution Hardman Australia
zinc fluoride Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc nitrate Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc octoate Colours & Chemicals
zinc oxide Alpha Chemicals (Australia)
zinc oxide Commercial Minerals
zinc stearate Henkel Aust
zinc stearate Ferro Corporation
zinc stearate APS Chemicals
zinc sulfate heptahydrate Hardman Australia
zirconia (99.95%) Hanwha Advanced Ceramics
zirconia fused Australian Fused Materials
zirconium hydroxide Hanwha Advanced Ceramics
zirconium octoate Colours & Chemicals
zirconium silicate (zircon flour) Hanwha Advanced Ceramics
zirconium sulfate Hanwha Advanced Ceramics
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